Future Ex-husband of the day

Never take this too seriously!

Future Ex-Husband of the Day
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This journal is for anyone to share their pics for future ex-husbands of the day. It can be anyone, a celebrity, a friend, a rock star. It doesn't matter in the least who it is. If you have a thought for a future ex-husband then share it with us.

By the way, this is for entertainment purposes only. It is totally a tongue in cheek type thing. If you are taking this too seriously then you're in the wrong place.

BTW, if you don't know if the future ex-husband you want to post has been done already, just check the interests box. it's updated every week to avoid repeat posting.

and also, if you put some weird ass shit on here that looks like spam, i will delete your entry and mark it as spam. PERIOD. i hate spam.


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