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Michael Phelps

For any of you that are watching the Olympics this week...

The only reason I watch.  :D

Jared Padalecki

I'm fairly new, and because today was my day off and I was watching Supernatural I thought I'd post. I've found Papa Winchester and Dean Winchester, but no Sammy, so...

Yeah, he's pretty tasty. And the puppy dog eyes!

You may not be into MMA but...

You gotta love this guy.



Ricco Rodriguez


For Firefly fans

Sean Maher, who played Dr Simon Tam.

I wish my Doctor looked like this.



Russian God

Alexei Nemov....*sighs**

Hi Everyone

 I'm new! But I can't believe this guy hasn't been featured yet.

I present my future ex-husband of the day...

Edward Norton

Grear community by the way!

ex husband because

because he´s in one of the best movies in the year so far and because he was on the news today...related to an ugly business..ladies..Christian Bale

and because I like him so much I´d marry and divorce him a thousand times...Henry Cavill (here with Jonathan Ryhs Mayer in The Tudors)

Because I can´t choose

My future ex husbands of the day...the Wilson brothers :)

and I know I have already filled (sp?) the quota of the day, but who can resist him? I promise I won´t do this again :) Henry Cavill

Need to exercise?

Here`s my future ex husband of the day..Russian tennis player Marat Safin